We're the Vosper's and are the fifth generation of our family to work the land at Cleavedale Farm, near Matamata. Our mission is provide our pedigree Jersey cows – who we know by name - with a happy, healthy and comfortable life.

We love the land we live on and the animals who share it with us, so it makes sense for us to manage the farm organically. Organic production requires our commitment and energy but we're rewarded and so are our ‘girls' who live a relaxed, stress free life. Ultimately the Kiwis' who enjoy our rich, creamy A2 milk reap the reward of our hard work too - enjoying milk full of flavour with cream on the top of the bottle – just like the old days.

Organic farming means we don't take shortcuts. We don't use artificial fertiliser. Our girls don't receive any antibiotics. We don't spray the farm. There's no production line fast tracking our Jersey girls and our milk is NOT modified – we bottle what our girls give us with no additives – just to honest goodness of our land.


We choose to work with Jersey cows because they produce milk with 18% more protein and 20% more calcium than other breeds. We're proud to give all this extra nutrition to milk lovers in every delicious sip of our rich, creamy milk which is high in important Omega 3 and A2 Protein.

Jersey Girls certified organic milk comes directly to you from our farm. You can purchase it in refillable glass at Commonsense Organics in Auckland's Mt Eden and in Wellington's CBD. Alternatively if you're in Auckland visit us each week at Parnell and Grey Lynn Farmers' Markets, or glass bottles are also available at the weekly Farmers' Markets in Cambridge and Tauranga.

You don't need to take our word about how delicious our organic A2 milk is – accolades awarded to us are independent proof. We have recently won the following from the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards:


  • 2020 Gold Medal, Jersey Girl Organic, A2 Organic Milk

  • 2019 Gold Medal, Lewis Road Creamery Organic Jersey Milk in partnership with Jersey Girl Organics

  • 2018 Special Award, T&G Global Outstanding Sustainability Award

  • 2018 Gold Medal, Jersey Girl Organics, A2 Organic Milk

  • 2017 Outstanding Champion Producer Dairy Primary, Jersey Girl Organics Whole Milk

At the 2015 Farmers' Market New Zealand Producers Awards we received the accolade for ‘Creamiest produce from the Dairy'.


In a world where many rush, minimise or lie - we believe patience, generosity, honesty and doing all that is required to support Mother Nature so she can work her magic.

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