What does organic mean?

By buying our certified organic milk you are assured that the milk has:

  • no antibiotic residues 

  • minimal pesticides and herbicides residues as none are used on the farm

  • has a low environmental footprint. We have a low stocking rate, don't use palm kernel feeds, use natural fertilisers, diverse pasture mixtures, and minimise the energy used to get milk to your table. We strive to increase biodiversity above and below ground.

Organic farmers use natural processes to produce nutritious food without the use of synthetic fertilisers or growth stimulants.  

How are animals treated on your farm?

We treat all our cows with respect and kindness. Their wellbeing is important to us.  They are all named and have their own personalities. Animal welfare is an aspect of our organic certification that is audited by BioGro.

What do you do with your bobby calves?

We have not had bobby calves for the past three calving periods. We have raised all the calves. We use a beef breed bull so they can be raised on beef farms. The Jersey bulls are raised and sold as service bulls in other herds.

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