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Jersey Girl Organics, Delivered to Your Door

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Jersey Girl Organics, Delivered to Your Door

In today's fast-paced world, we are always looking for ways to make our lives easier. For some, this means using technology to help them at work. For others, it's all about how new products can improve on the ones that came before.

And for others, it's all about cutting down the time we spend on our regular, repeat tasks, such as grocery shopping.

That's where home delivery services such as Oooby, Bread & Butter, and Harry’s Delivery come in.

Bread & Butter web banner

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For some time now, we've partnered with Oooby, a local organic and fresh produce delivery service, and Bread & Butter, a bakery catering to those with a sweet tooth, to provide an alternative option for our customers to get their milk delivered straight to their door.

Now, we are making it easier than ever before to ensure your fridge is always stocked with the organic, A2 jersey milk you know and love, with Harry’s Delivery the latest supplier to come on board.

Harry's Delivery provides direct to door milk delivery and bottle collection

Harry's Delivery provides direct to door milk delivery and bottle collection

Oooby and Bread & Butter both offer our 1.5L fully recyclable PET bottles through their delivery service, and Harry's Delivery offer our refillable glass bottles.

If you haven't come across our glass bottle initiative yet, the concept is pretty simple - customers order their first bottle (or purchase one in-store) and take home. Once empty they clean the bottle and bring it back for a refill at a fraction of the cost of a standard PET bottle.

The glass bottle option is a great sustainable option for those who can take advantage of it. While our regular plastic bottles are very easily recycle, our glass bottle exchange scheme was launched to help us achieve our sustainability goals, and as a result of customer demand.

Ensuring your fridge stays fully stocked, and the kids have enough milk for breakfast, is easier than ever before. For more information about how to order from any of our delivery partners, simply visit their websites:, and

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