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Why Choose Jersey Milk? The Health Benefits You Didn’t Know

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Why choose jersey milk? The health benefits you didn't know

With so many different kinds of milk on the market, it can be challenging to know which is right for you. Luckily, we’re here to demystify dairy and get you on track to make the most of the many health benefits associated with drinking Jersey milk.

So what is Jersey milk anyway? And how is it good for your health?

What is Jersey milk?

Jersey milk is milk that comes from purebred Jersey cows. Known for its creamy taste and texture, Jersey milk is a fan favourite among milk drinkers who love rich flavour.

Is Jersey milk good for you? Yes! Jersey cows produce milk that is pure, nutritious, and packed with health benefits. These are just some of the ways organic Jersey milk can support your health and well-being.

Improving Bone Health

We all know that high-quality dairy products are good for our teeth and bones, but did you know that Jersey milk is 20 percent higher in calcium than milk from other cow breeds?

Jersey cows naturally produce milk with high calcium content, helping to strengthen bones and support bone development in children. Drinking a glass of Jersey milk each day is a great way to boost your calcium consumption!

Jersey milk also contains high levels of vitamin D, an important factor in promoting calcium absorption. That’s not to mention other nutrients, like vitamin B12, found in Jersey milk that supports bone growth, as well as healthy immune systems.

Promoting Muscle Health

Jersey milk contains many vitamins and nutrients that play important roles in promoting good muscle health. These include vitamins A, E, and D, as well magnesium and potassium, which help to regulate muscle contractions.

But that’s not all. Fresh Jersey milk contains 18 percent more protein than most other milk, and because this protein is high quality and equipped with all essential amino acids, it’s easy for your body to break down and absorb. Protein forms the building blocks of healthy muscles and is an important part of a balanced diet.

Jersey milk also has plenty of ‘good’ or ‘healthy’ fats. These are good for a number of bodily systems, including your heart and cholesterol. They help you build muscle and are a key source of energy.

Supporting Good Gut Health

One of the best-known benefits of Jersey milk is its effect on digestive health! Jersey milk contains only A2 proteins and no A1. This has a number of great benefits, especially for people who are lactose intolerant.

Generally speaking, A2 milk is easier to digest than milk that contains both A1 and A2 proteins. There’s even some evidence to suggest that A2 milk could affect gut movements and inflammation!

These things make A2 milk the right choice for people with digestive issues or mild lactose intolerance. For some, drinking A2 milk means getting the benefits of consuming dairy products without having to worry about intolerance symptoms.

Boosting Brain Health

If those benefits weren’t enough, Jersey milk can also have a positive effect on brain health and cognitive function.

Jersey cows spend their days grazing on green grass, leading them to produce milk that is high in omega-3s and other beneficial fatty acids. These play an important role in supporting concentration and memory. They can even help regulate mood.

Milk is naturally packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals, like zinc and vitamins A, B1, and B12. These nutrients promote memory and brain function. They can help with focus and can guard against forgetfulness and cognitive decline.

What else can Jersey milk do?

Jersey milk has plenty of other benefits. Phosphorus, potassium, and riboflavin help give you energy, and A2 proteins may play a role in preventing a number of illnesses, including diabetes and heart disease. Plus, when you choose organic dairy, you avoid the nasty effects of chemicals and pesticides, sticking to the best bits of milk.

With Jersey milk, you can benefit from increased health benefits and high levels of vitamins and minerals. What more could you wish for in your daily glass?

At Jersey Girl Organics, we take an organic, ethical, and sustainable approach to dairy farming. We love our Jersey cows and pride ourselves on the high-quality organic milk they produce. New Zealand milk has never looked so good!

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Mar 01

Is it possible to identify how much calcium and vitamin D is in your milk please?

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