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Honest milk, honest farming - Jersey Gir

Honest Milk,

Honest Farming

Award-winning, single-source, certified organic, A2 Jersey milk

Our 3 gold medals
High in calcium

30% more protein, 25% more calcium than standard milk

Bottled onsite

Bottled onsite at our family farm at Matamata

Creamy texture

Rich, creamy taste and texture

Nothing added

100% organic - spray-free, no antibiotics, regenerative agriculture practices

Award winning

Multiple award-winning milk

Aerial shot of the farm
The Vosper family

Our Story

For over 100 years, the Vosper family have worked the land at Cleavedale Farm, Matamata - it's a history that plays an important role in defining who we are and how we operate.

We are committed to achieving circular sustainability and becoming an industry leader in upholding the ideals, principles and values of organic, sustainable farming

Our Milk

At Jersey Girl Organics we work hard every day to bring you and your family the best organic milk in New Zealand. Our golden milk is high in important Omega 3 and A2 Protein.

Its smooth taste is delicious when drinking cold, in hot drinks or in your favourite recipes. 

Our beloved herd are definitely inquisit
Jersey Girl Organics glass bottle.jpg

Glass Bottle Exchange Scheme

Our glass bottle exchange scheme allows you to purchase, for a one-off fee, milk in glass bottles
which can then be returned (cleaned, of
course) to the store for a refill at a fraction of
the cost of our usual bottles.


Our Awards:










Gold Medal, Outstanding NZ Food Producers Awards


Gold Medal, Outstanding NZ Food Producers Awards


Gold Medal, Outstanding NZ Food Producers Awards (in partnership with Lewis Road Creamery)


Gold Medal, Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards

T&G Global Sustainability Award


Outstanding Champion Producer Dairy Primary, Outstanding NZ Food Producers Awards


Creamiest Produce from the Dairy, FMNZ Producers Awards (Winter Section)

Our 3 gold medals
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