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Glass Milk Bottle Exchange ​

We’ve recently launched a refill and exchange service, where customers pay a one-off fee to purchase our milk and a special 1 litre glass milk bottle, which can then be returned (cleaned, of course) to the store for a refill at a fraction of the cost of our usual bottles.

Milk in glass bottles NZ

Our exchange service offers a nutritious product that meets a growing demand from both store owners and consumers around sustainability: people get the choice to buy & return glass bottles.

Kiwis want to know that their dairy is produced in a responsible way. Sales of milk in glass bottles are rising as more of us try to reduce our plastic waste. At farmers markets, most of our customers come to refill their glass bottles rather than purchase a new PET bottle.

By either stocking or purchasing our glass bottles , you signal your commitment to environmentally friendly, sustainable milk. Our bottle exchange initiative keeps resources in circulation for longer, significantly reducing plastic waste.

Here’s how it works:


  1. ​Your first purchase is a glass milk bottle at a price that includes a fee for the glass bottle, in addition to the milk, 

  2. Once consumed, return the (clean) bottle to the store, ready for the store owner to sanitise further,

  3. You then purchase another bottle at a fraction of the cost.


Where can you buy refillable milk bottles?

We have stockists all over the North Island, with more coming onboard every week! To find your nearest stockist, simply click the button below. 

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