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We're the Vospers, fifth-generation farmers and the owners of Jersey Girl Organics.


For 100 years our family has worked the land at Cleavedale Farm, near Matamata. Our mission is to provide our pedigree Jersey cows – whom we know by name - with a happy, healthy and comfortable life.

Black and white photo of farmers
Historic photo of Vosper farmer
Old photo of tractor
The Vosper family

Our Story

Certified Organic

We love the land we live on and the animals who share it with us, so it makes sense for us to manage the farm organically - we are proud to be a BioGro NZ certified organic farm.


Organic farming means we don't take shortcuts:


  • GMO free

  • No artificial fertiliser.

  • No palm kernel feeds.

  • No antibiotics.

  • No spraying the farm.

  • No additives or modifying.


We bottle what our girls give us with no additives and nothing removed – just the honest to goodness results of our land and efforts.


Organic production requires our commitment and energy but we're rewarded and so are our ‘girls' who live a relaxed, stress-free life. Ultimately the Kiwis' who enjoy our rich, creamy A2 milk reap the reward of our hard work too - enjoying milk full of flavour with cream on the top of the bottle – just like the old days.

What Does it Mean to be Organic?


"Organic" has been defined by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) as ‘avoiding or excluding the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics, growth modification and irradiation.’


BioGro NZ (which is the certifying body we operate under), provides a more detailed view for what is organic, using 8 key principles that all farms must meet each year to retain their organic certification:


Traceability: understanding where all the inputs originate from, and what’s in them.


Animal welfare: maintain the highest level of animal welfare, this means happier and healthier animals. Provide them with plenty of space and a clean diet.


Climate change: work towards a green NZ by working with nature, avoiding synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, and promoting overall environmental health.


Biodiversity: organic farms provide a haven for local wildlife to flourish, in particular local bird populations and bees.


Packaging: packaging must be chosen to minimise environmental impact, such as recycled or reusable packaging.


Care for workers: organic standards will not allow for violation of human rights.


Health and wellbeing: As BioGro themselves state, “organic food is real food. It is not genetically engineered or altered in any way. It is made without synthetic colourings, preservatives or additives.”


Advertising: certified organic producers must get all packaging, labels and marketing materials approved before it is used. Strict rules are in place to ensure transparency and honesty in marketing.

BioGro NZ logo
Cows in the field - a focus on sustainability

Focused on Sustainability

We are committed to achieving circular sustainability and becoming an industry leader in upholding the ideals, principles and values of organic, sustainable farming. 


Our milk is gathered using low impact farming methods, produced in both fully recyclable PET and glass bottles (which is available as in-store refills or at the Farmers' Markets) - all designed to lower our environmental impact.

Jersey Herd

We choose to work with Jersey cows because they produce milk with 30% more protein and 20% more calcium than standard milk. 

Jersey cows are also much more efficient producers of milk, reducing the impact on the environment.


We're proud to give all this extra nutrition to milk lovers in every delicious sip of our rich, creamy milk which is high in important Omega 3 and A2 Protein.

Our jersey herd roam freely on our farm, living a care free life
Our milk is bottled in recylable PET bottles

Bottled Onsite, Available Everywhere

Our milk comes directly to you from our farm, where we process (minimally!) and bottle onsite so you know the milk you're drinking comes from an ethical, sustainable farm.


Once bottled we deliver to a huge amount of stockists around the North Island.


Alternatively, if you're in Auckland visit us each week at Parnell and Grey Lynn Farmers' Markets, or at the weekly Farmers' Markets in Cambridge and Tauranga - be sure to bring your glass bottle if you have one, or pick one up on the day!

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