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10 Health Benefits of Yoghurt

Updated: May 24, 2022

There’s nothing better than a delicious snack that’s also good for your health! Organic yoghurt is just that, providing a range of amazing health benefits.

Derived from fresh, organic milk, our Jersey Girl Organics yoghurt offers plenty of health benefits, promoting healthy immune, digestive, and cardiovascular health. Is there anything yoghurt can’t do?

If you’ve ever wondered how eating yoghurt can improve your health and well-being, look no further. Here are the answers you’ve been searching for!

What is Yoghurt Anyway?

Yoghurt is a dairy product made using fermented milk. Yoghurt cultures ferment milk’s lactose content, producing lactic acid and giving yoghurt its unique taste and texture.

With a rich, tangy flavour, yoghurt is perfect for a range of dishes, from pancake toppings to salsa dips. Yoghurt can be sweet or savoury! Plus, it contains all the benefits of milk proteins. People have been eating yoghurt for centuries, and today, it remains a popular culinary staple.

The Health Benefits of Yoghurt

Fresh, organic yoghurt offers plenty of incredible health benefits. Here are just a few!

1. Yoghurt is nutrient-rich

Like milk, yoghurt is full of nutrients and minerals that support optimal functioning for a range of bodily systems.

Organic yoghurt contains calcium, vitamin B12, riboflavin, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and more. These nutrients play a key role in improving overall health and well-being, helping you stay fit and healthy.

2. Yoghurt supports healthy bones

Thanks to its high calcium content, yoghurt helps to improve bone health! Consuming yoghurt and other calcium-rich dairy products can help you look after your bones.

Eating yoghurt can help you meet minimum calcium requirements, preventing bone minerals from breaking down and guarding against osteoporosis and other bone loss conditions.

3. Yoghurt is great for digestion

Studies show that the probiotics in yoghurt can have a positive impact on digestive well-being. This means that a daily dose of yoghurt can improve your gut health.

In some cases, eating yoghurt regularly has been found to reduce inflammation and fight the effects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. That means less stomach aches and better bowel health!

4. Yoghurt helps with weight management

Eating yoghurt may help with weight management, fighting weight gain and helping to reduce the likelihood of obesity.

Yoghurt can be part of a healthy and well-rounded diet, providing you with essential nutrients to support exercise and overall well-being. Yoghurt’s gut health benefits also have an impact on weight management.

5. Yoghurt keeps your immune system strong

The probiotics in yoghurt play a significant role in supporting optimal immune function, reducing the frequency and severity of colds and other viruses.

Consuming yoghurt has been found to strengthen immune system wellness and reduce the likelihood of disease. That means that your daily serving can help you stay healthy throughout the winter months!

6. Yoghurt is good for your skin

As a result of high levels of nutrients, including zinc, yoghurt can have a positive impact on the health and appearance of your skin.

By eating yoghurt regularly, you can provide your skin with the nutrients and minerals it needs to look and feel its best. In fact, eating yoghurt may even help to reduce eczema, psoriasis, and wrinkles!

7. Yoghurt can support heart health

Some researchers believe that yoghurt could support better cardiovascular health, improving HDL (good) cholesterol levels.

When you add yoghurt to your diet, you can fight the effects of high blood pressure and lower your risk of developing heart disease. This impact is even greater if you serve yoghurt with other heart-healthy foods!

8. Yoghurt fights bad breath

Yoghurt can even have a positive impact on dental health, helping you maintain strong teeth and reduce bad breath.

Good bacteria found in yoghurt has been found to play a role in guarding against the bacteria responsible for bad breath and cavities. That means a regular serving of yoghurt could save you a dentist trip!

9. Yoghurt may reduce cancer risk

According to some studies, yoghurt may help to reduce the risk of developing some cancers, particularly digestive cancers.

By supporting healthy body systems and processes, yoghurt can lower cancer risk and provide your immune system with a cancer-fighting boost. Plus, yoghurt contains antioxidants, which help your keep your body healthy and strong!

10. Yoghurt supports muscle health

Yoghurt is high in protein, which supports muscle health and overall fitness, helping you maintain a healthy physique.

Eating yoghurt can provide you with the nutrients you need to build and maintain muscle mass and energise you for exercise. Yoghurt helps you build muscle without adding to your waistline.

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