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Natural Yoghurt - Brought to You By Our Jersey Girls

While it may not be news to everyone, especially if you’ve been able to visit our farmers’ market stall, we are thrilled to announce that we are now producing our very own natural yoghurt - made from the same organic, A2 Jersey milk you know and love.

“Expanding to produce other dairy products is something we’ve been keen to do for some time now, and we are very excited to share our new creation with our customers”, remarked Managing Director of Jersey Girl Organics, Michael Vosper.

“We get so many customers asking if we are going to make yoghurt, butter or other dairy items, so it’s great to be able to tell them about our latest product.”

In keeping with the sustainable values that drive us every day, the yoghurt is pot-set and minimally processed. All we add to our organic milk is the cultures required for yoghurt - nothing else!

“Just like our milk, the yoghurt is creamy and has a mild taste. You also get a layer of cream on top, which can be eaten itself or stirred back in,” explains Michael.

The reason to choose pot-set yoghurt was also influenced by company values.

“Pot-set is a more natural way of producing yoghurt, and results in a more naturally thick and creamy texture. It means we don’t need to rely on additives such as emulsifiers to artificially thicken the yoghurt, which aligns perfectly with our goal of producing minimally processed products.”

For now, the yoghurt is available in limited quantities at each of our farmers' markets locations - Tauranga, Parnell, Grey Lynn, and Hamilton - but the intention is to eventually sell the yoghurt via our existing stockists of milk - so be sure to watch this space!

To find our nearest farmers' market, or your nearest stockist of milk, visit our Stockist page.

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15 de ago. de 2023

Yoghurt (A2 organic) is considered to intervene in lowering high cholesterol.

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