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5 Reasons Why Organic Milk is the Best Choice

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

5 reasons why organic milk is best

Dairy has an important role to play in a balanced and sustainable diet. But there are so many options. Where should you begin - Regular milk? Organic milk? Which is the right choice for your family?

Here at Jersey Girl Organics, we’re big believers in the power of organic dairy. We know that organic products like ours have to meet strict regulations to ensure that they are as healthy and eco-friendly as possible.

If you’re still on the fence about making the switch to organic dairy, here are 5 reasons why organic milk is the best choice.

1. Organic Milk Offers Great Health Benefits

Organic dairy is great for your health, containing a number of important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. In fact, some studies show that organic milk could help to prevent some health concerns!

Like all milk, organic milk is rich in calcium and protein, helping to strengthen bones and muscles, as well as supporting optimal brain health and many other bodily systems and functions. But that’s not all.

One of the key things that sets organic milk apart is its high omega-3 content. Organic milk contains up to 68 percent more omega-3s than regular milk alternatives.

Omega-3s are anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease as well as some cancers and autoimmune diseases.

As if these health benefits weren’t enough, organic milk contains higher quantities of Vitamin E and beta-carotene, supporting immune system function. Now, that’s worth celebrating!

2. Organic Milk is Free From Hormones and Antibiotics

When it comes to shopping organic, there’s no need to worry about hormones and antibiotics.

While regular dairy cows are sometimes treated with artificial hormones and antibiotics throughout the dairy farming process, certified organic products are free from these additives and influences.

This means that you can enjoy milk with the knowledge that it's healthy, natural, and additive-free.

Organic milk is just that: organic. When no hormones or antibiotics are given to dairy cows, there’s no risk of these things transferring to the milk you drink.

3. Organic Dairy Farming is Kinder to Animals

An important part of organic dairy farming is animal welfare.

To gain and maintain organic certification, farms have to pass yearly audits to ensure a high quality of life for dairy cows.

At an organic dairy farm, cows are free to roam in the great outdoors instead of being cooped up inside. They graze in open pastures instead of eating from indoor feedlots and pens.

Happier, healthier cows produce better-quality milk — a plus for milk drinkers! And when you choose organic, you can feel confident of your positive role in supporting ethical farming practices.

4. Organic Dairy is More Environmentally Sustainable

Organic farming has been shown to deliver better outcomes for biodiversity, keeping soils healthy and free from chemicals by avoiding use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides.

More eco-friendly farming environments support healthier herds, and they also help to promote healthy, natural local eco-systems, which include wildlife such as insects and birds.

By relying on sustainable practices, organic dairy farms can reduce their environmental footprint and give back to the landscape where their cows live and thrive. What does this mean?

It means that choosing organic milk isn’t just a step towards a healthier you; it’s also a choice that benefits the world you live in.

5. Organic Milk is Delicious

When most people think about milk, taste is a priority! Does this milk taste as good as any other? Can you enjoy it equally in a glass or baked into a cake?

Organic milk is similar in taste to regular milk, but we like to think it has a little more to offer.

Thanks to minor changes in pasteurisation (and a healthy herd), organic milk tends to be a little richer in flavour than alternative options.

Creamy and decadent, organic milk is a fast-favourite among many avid milk drinkers, and it’s perfect for use in milk-based recipes.

At Jersey Girl Organics, we’re proud to produce the best organic milk New Zealand has to offer! Our dairy products are packed with health and environmental benefits.

Keen to make the switch to organic dairy? Learn more about the delicious milk produced by our Jersey cow herd!

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